Dreamers has the Beautyful Life

 What the Dream is define as ? Dream is define as the visualization of some events while sleeping in night. Which is also known as nightmare.But we are not talking about that dream. It’s about that dream which every people wanted to be in the near f uture. Woodrow T. Wilson has said that “We grow great by Dreams, All big man are dreamers.” It means every one must have the dream to grow bigger and bigger. Dreams are those which we visualize without sleeping. Dreams are that for which we give our best. 
Determine the Dream Dream is determined itself according to your interest. Dream for that which you can and bit higher not for the too high because it hearts when it is not completed. Yes, it is necessary to have the higher Dream to have the rapid development but look according to your capacity. Your interest built the capacity and capacity leads to have the dream. Make a dream in such a way you can complete it. People have their own and different Dreams. Have you? It is not compulsory th…

No one is perfect

People try to be a perfect but it is not easy to be a perfect. People do the mistakes knowingly and unknowingly which is not said to be perfect. People cannot give their 100% in any work even it is the work of intrest. No one can do everything him/herself. Suppose xyz is a man and He is perfect then, there is no nessarity of the other man then that of him. So, It is nessarity as well because perfectness may bring the problems to the normal people.

"People is perfect" it is only in theory no in the real life. In real life nothing is perfect. Even the robort are not the perfect; if it is perfect. Why it should be maintained time to time?

      Try to be unique; people can't be perfect but can be the unique other then that. I don't  mean the unique in negative way , In positive way. Every people wanted to be a big person.
For example, If a person  to be a motivational speaker then his/her dream was to be like a  Tony Robbins (Great motivational speaker). I think…

Life is like a ice Cream.

Life is precious; only some of the people are able to live for about 90-100 years in the past. But now, the average life expectancy is about 65-80 years which is very less comparing with the past. That is not the all. Accidents, different viral disease are the cause of the death. In this fast growing world everyone is busy doing their different jobs for making their life happy and standard. But they forget to enjoy in the middle of their works.

Life is like an ice Cream, Enjoy it before it melts. Before life will finish enjoy the each and every moment. Like the Ice-cream will melt if you did not eat/enjoy that in the time; Life is also the same, enjoy your life today because it is not fixed there will be or won’t be tomorrow. I don’t mean that each and every time must be enjoyed. According to your surrounding you have to enjoy. For example if someone is died then you have to show the condolence not to enjoy. Enjoying you life is one of the successes.
        Life is diamond, it must be …

Life is like a unsolved rubic Cube

Life is like a unsolved rubic Cube which you have to solve.

       Before starting. what is  Rubic cube? It is a cube consisting 6 different colours  ( yellow, green, red, orange, blue and white)and have to make each side with the same colour. Here human life is compared with the rubic cube.

Why I compared life with the Rubic Cube?
     Life is a free gift to us. And fully loaded with feelings, joyable moment, problems and definately the solutions .
Specially I looked after the Problems to solve and try to make the life easier to live.. Rubic Cube could be 6*6 or 11*11. There we have to do is to solve it by making the same colour in each 6 sides.
       As I said Life is loaded with different problems which we must solve to make the life standerd and easird to survive. Each and every ; small and big problems must be solved. Same as in the Rubic Cube, There are 6 colours and numbers of small part/pices of Cube . We must put the each and every pices in the right place. Rubic Cube is com…

Giving up leads to worst life

Life is struggle where you might fail again and again. And finally you give up. Our lifestyle lead us yo do the different things for the living. many people try to do that work (in which they are intrested )but they could not do that work and search for other. Giving of for the more better then that is good but. Giving up by saying "I could no do it" ," Its hard for me " and many more  then You could not be succes in the wole life.
In the different stage of the Life people meet many peoples,struggles, friends, enemy and many more. In every stage of life you will fill like I have to give up. But never give up doing the intrested things. It might be harder to you in the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day . You will do that easily if you do hard with full dedication to that work.Not only in Work. In the life  of student . They fell the text books are hard so they fail many time. If they could read the same text book in the intresting way then they will easily learn the to…

Life is the game that must be played.

Our journey of life begain before we were welcomed in the Earth. We were already 9 month old when we were welcomed. Our life is given us by our parents and them by grand parents. They tries to make our life comfortabe in the begining stage,when we are older and older we have to do the work for the household. We go on struggling for living well. One day our Life finish and we Died. This is the life of the people.

we are unknown about: what is life? Why we have life? This questions has not the certain answers. Different people has their own views and opponion on this. "Life is the game that must be played." Which was said by Edwin Arlington Robinson.
       I thik he was right. Life is a kind of the game where everyone mus have to play. If you quit ther is no other way then that of Death. So, It is compalsary to play the life. Game has two verse one who wins and other who loses. In real life winners are those who grew and do somthing better to change there life or for the others…

First Post

This is my very first blog. I am not the perfect blogger. Just the beginner but I am trying to do my best.
       'Life' this is the word which is the free gift to ever living creature. Life of every may be the different from others but all the creature have there own. In the life of people,life could be the way of living. Every people has the right to have their own life.